Full-Stack Engineer



At Charlin we're leveraging connected home devices and machine learning to build an affordable home solution which will empower the senior to enjoy home longer and will bring a peace of mind to their children. The accessible and smart system, discreetly drawn up in the home of the senior, records the behavioural patterns in the home and learns. Charlin is the first system that watches 24/7 without the necessary intervention of the elderly or a caring person. The system automatically registers and reports via a smartphone application to as many persons as desired, the care circle.

By combining the brand, company and values of Belfius, together with an entrepreneurial team, we leverage both the strengths of a bigger organisation with the agility of a startup in this new coporate venture.


We aim to launch in Q4 2019.  Are you ready to join this adventure as a Full-Stack Engineer? 

Find out more here below.


Description for this role

  • As a Full Stack Developer, you will help shape the various components that are necessary to build and maintain the Charlin platform. Do you have a broad interest in all aspects of software development and are eager to learn new technologies? Then you might be the perfect person for this job.

  • You understand the challenges of building distributed and highly available applications, as well as how web services and databases are working under the hood.



Extensive knowledge of Javascript (ES6/ES7)

    • Node.js

    • React

    • TypeScript (a big plus)

  • Extensive knowledge on frontend frameworks (ES6, HTML5, CSS3)

  • Extensive knowledge of both SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis)

  • Knowledge of containerization (Docker)

  • Knowledge of time-series databases (Timescale)

  • Knowledge of AWS or other cloud platforms

  • Knowledge of GraphQL and the Apollo GraphQL framework

  • Knowledgeable and mindful of internet security best-practices

  • You understand common software engineering practices (git, unit testing, code documentation, continuous integration, monitoring, version management,.. )

  • You have a solid comprehension of web technologies (HTTP, HTTP/2, WS,..) and API development (JSON, OAuth, JWT, ..)

  • Good understanding of database design concepts


Optional experience (considered a strong plus)

  • (Product) startup experience

  • Knowledge of React Native or native iOS/Android app development

  • Experience with Kubernetes and Helm Charts

  • Experience working with container-based applications

  • Experience with Terraform

  • Experience with unit testing and e2e testing frameworks

  • Experience with Apollo GraphQL

  • An open source profile (such as Github) with some interesting projects is highly desirable


Feeling overwhelmed by the requirements?

Don't be, we prefer motivation above experience. As long as you have the correct can-do mindset you can't go wrong.